Meet Grace!

Grace Pak, MT-BC

How did you find out about music therapy as a profession?

“I knew right off the bat that I was going to pursue music for my career because I was attached to my cello since middle school. At the same time, I enjoyed going to church mission trips to less developed countries because there was unity, genuine care, love, and heart of services that I’ve gained through those experiences. So, then I tried to find some ways of how I can merge those two interests together, and after many researches, music therapy was the answer/key that will be unlocking many doors into my life."


What are your hopes for music therapy in terms of equity, diversity, and cultural humility?

"As we all may know, music is a universal language. Music has the power to break down barriers to create unity and intimacy through music. I would love for music therapy to take part in continuing more educating about different cultures - being those notes, melody, and voices, and putting into more actions of diverse collaborations, not only in the US but in other countries as well.”


- Grace Pak (@gpakkkk)

Submitted in December 2020


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