Meet Jen!

Jen Cho, BMus, MA (Music Therapy - Candidate)

How did you find out about music therapy as a profession?

“I’d like to thank the high school career and civic’s class quiz for pairing me up with my future career haha! Prior to that I knew I wanted to go into music but I didn’t know exactly what. Ever since laying my eyes on the words “music therapy” it became my sole goal to become one (currently an intern). Much of my life revolves around mental health and music so I thought it was perfect to merge the two. I did an Honours BMus with a specialization in Music Cognition and completed my Performance Diploma on flute back in 2018. I felt lucky and grateful because by the time I had finish my undergrad I had made so many lovely music therapist connections and they all really helped me get where I am today. Since undergrad I’ve completed my Graduate Diploma in Music Therapy and now in the process of obtaining my MA in Creative Arts Therapies (Music Therapy) both at Concordia University.


What are your hopes for music therapy in terms of equity, diversity, and cultural humility?

"I hope to see more queer people of colour being represented both in clinical work and in the research. From what I have read in the literature, there is very little research that intersects both identities. It’s important to include and amplify these unheard voices so that they can help project the field forward as well as inform the practice in how to work with this population. As a gender fluid, bisexual, woman of colour, I am extremely excited to be in the process of writing my thesis regarding to this topic. ☺️


- Jen Cho (@jlin_cho)

Submitted in December 2020


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