Meet Lázaro!

Dr. Lázaro Castro, Music Therapist

How did you find out about music therapy as a profession?

“Hello, everyone. I’m Lázaro Castro, I’m a music therapist and totally in love with music therapy advocacy since 2015. When I was taking my Master’s Degree classes in psychology, as a psychologist (my first undergraduation field), I met a Music Therapist and I remember being in shock ‘cause I had never heard about that before! Even being a health professional.

I asked a lot of questions about Music Therapy and decided that I wanted to try it for myself. So I started to be a client of Mt. Cintia Albuquerque, one of the best music therapists I could ever met, and I decided that I was going to apply to Music Therapy training after that."


What are your hopes for music therapy in terms of equity, diversity, and cultural humility?

"Here in Brazil we are struggling a very difficult moment about LGBTQI+ people. Our Music Therapy associations are trying to regulate the profession, so we can’t be against the government or things like that widely open. We need to act with strategy if we want to regulate, but we cannot ignore lgbt-phobic comments or behavior.

I feel that Brazilian music therapy needs to talk (and play/sing haha) about gender, equality and diversity immediately. However, we don’t have classes about it even in our training programs... I hope that someday it gets added to the curriculums and we can read and hear more frequently about Music Therapy in those perspectives.”


- Dr. Lázaro Castro (@drlazarocastro)

Submitted in February 2021


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