Meet Moretta!

Moretta Irchirl, MT-BC


How did you find out about music therapy as a profession?

“I was first introduced to the profession of music therapy in high school. I attended the High School for Performing and Visual Arts in Houston Texas where I attended a presentation on alternate music professions to pursue. At that point I was determined to study performance and nothing else, so I had no interest in pursuing music therapy as a field of study. Thankfully, I was reintroduced to music therapy when I overheard a peer discussing the science behind it in a college music class. I was so interested that I decided to add music therapy to my degree plan and pursue it alongside my performance degree. It was the best decision I’ve ever made."


What are your hopes for music therapy in terms of equity, diversity, and cultural humility?

"In the future, I would love to see a general restructuring of the music therapy college curriculum to include a more diverse range of genres and musical styles. In addition to that, I hope that music therapy as a field of study and as a service becomes more accessible to individuals who are socioeconomically disadvantaged.

On the subject of cultural humility, I feel as though we have a lot of work to do within the music therapy profession. The first step to practicing cultural humility is self-examination. We must all do the daily work to go within and challenge the deep and ugly biases we hold against each other. Colorblind culture has to come to an end. We cannot hold space for or empathize with each other if we are living under the guise that we all share a singular lived experience. With honest effort, patience, and time we will be able to successfully create spaces where every individual is seen, heard, and valued.”


- Moretta Irchirl (@morettairchirlmusic)

Submitted in November 2020


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