The Moustache Song (Unlock Hayley's Holiday Song Challenge Inside)

The Story:

In November, I decided to take part in the Music for Kiddos songwriting challenge. On day 2 we were challenged to write a song based on chords used in a favourite song. I decided to write what became "The Moustache Song" based on the chords used by Alicia Keys in the song "Superwoman." 

I have always loved Alicia Keys' music! This song is especially uplifting and empowering and I wanted to draw inspiration from that in the song I decided to write. 


The Song:

Each day that goes by it's getting colder outside. 

So maybe, I'll grow a moustache.

I'll keep my eyes on the prize.

A cozy blanket nearby.

A cup of something warm sounds perfect.


Soon we'll be making snowmen and decorating the Christmas tree.

Why don't we savour this moment?

Grab a blanket and snuggle with me! 


Listen to the song by clicking here


Your Strong: 

I want to extend the holiday spirit to you and put the ball in your court! I challenge you to write a holiday song. Share your song to @mtahayley page on Facebook or Instagram. No matter what you feel your strengths are, I guarantee you have all the skills you need to do this! Let loose and get creative! If you need songwriting tips re-visit August's blog post by clicking here. I can't wait to see what you come up with! 

Listen to my new holiday song by clicking here. #HayleysHolidaySongChallenge


Your friend in community, 

<3 Hayley 

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