Celebrating Music Therapy! (Show your support)

It's music therapy awareness month! I'm excited to sit and write this blogpost as an ode to celebrating this wonderful profession. I think that there are so many wonderful initiatives coming to life and want to share them with you so that you know how to support and where to go if you want to learn more! 

If you know of any resources not included in this list, be sure to note it in the comments under this blogpost.

1. Let's first start with music therapy organizations/memberships. Most associations and memberships have a number of music therapy resources for you to get involved in. They have board positions, newsletter lists, various levels of membership type, conferences, educational resources, social media pages, and so much more!

  • American Music Therapy Association
  • Australia Music Therapy Association
  • British Association for Music Therapy
  • Canadian Association of Music Therapists 
  • Certification Board for Music Therapists
  • World Federation of Music Therapy ...and many others!

2. Next, let's dive into the publications available in the music therapy world. There are lots of great articles for you to read and learn more about current research and the work of incredible clinicians. Most of these publications are small and could use a) the support of the community to keep them going and b) increased interest for people within music therapy and interdisciplinary fields to submit articles and research!



  • Case Studies in Music Therapy
  • Cultural intersections in music therapy
  • Community Music Therapy
  • Defining Music Therapy
  • Experiencing Race as a Music Therapist: Personal Narratives
  • Feminist perspectives in music therapy
  • Handbook of Neurologic Music Therapy
  • Mandy's Mom, The Music Therapist
  • Music as Medicine
  • Music Therapy An Art Beyond Words
  • Music Therapy Handbook
  • Music & Life in the Field of Play
  • The Oxford Handbook of Music Therapy 
  • This is Your Brain on Music
  • Tune In 
  • Wellness Incorporated ...and so many more!

Other resources:

3. Music Therapy non-profits and funding champions. It's no secret that music therapists need funding in order to continue practicing and continue conducting research. There are several organizations that specifically aim to help bridge the gap of financial accessibility to music therapy services and music therapy research. 

4. Supporting Music Therapists! There are several social media pages and groups you can follow/join on social media to learn more and show your support. There are also a number of ways to find a music therapist in your area.

Social Media Pages:

  • Black Music Therapy Network
  • Music Therapists Unite
  • Music Therapy Leaders
  • Music Therapy Ed
  • Music Therapy Made Simple
  • Music Therapy Academy 

Find a music therapist in Canada:

Find a music therapist in the US: here

Find a neurologic music therapist around the world: here

5. Podcasts and additional media resources! Podcasting is a growing medium used to communicate a dialogue music therapy experiences and concepts. There are also several films, news stories, and Youtube channels emerging as the profession continues to grow. 


Docu Films/ Youtube Videos and Channels:

Any support you show during MT month and throughout the year is greatly appreciated. Again, if you know of any resources not included in this list, be sure to note it in the comments under this blogpost.

Take care & have a wonderful music therapy awareness month!


Your Friend in community, 


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