Did I hear somebody say RESTOCK?!

I feel like Belle in the Beast's wonderful library. Books fill my office from head to toe and I'm pretty excited about it.

Mandy's Mom, The Music Therapist is back & I'm giving away a few copies just for your patience (and let's be honest... overall emotional distress) during COVID-19. Not that it's over, but here's an excuse to celebrate making it to Fall 2020! We did it!

The giveaway closes October 4th, 2020! All you have to do to enter is purchase 1 copy of Mandy's Mom, The Music Therapist using code GIVEAWAY at checkout. Then you get a discounted book and 10 entries into my giveaway. BUY 1, GET 3! Each book purchased in a single order is worth 10 entries. So, if you buy 1 you get 10 entries, if you buy 2 you get 20 entries, 3=30, 4=40 etc. and you'll be entered to win 3 signed copies of Mandy's Mom, The Music Therapist.

In addition to that... you will win:

  • A feature on the Able Voice Podcast (or nominate someone to be a guest), &
  • A complimentary AOP workshop for yourself and 3 friends!

As Mandy would say, "HIPPITY HIP HOORAY!"

I'm so excited to see who wins! 

In preparing for this restock, I started thinking... After such an emotionally draining 6 months... I bet there's other things that need restocking in my life...


Quality time with friends and family.

Peace of mind.

Dedicated self-care.


Sense of normality.

The list could go on and on (like that Lamb chop song that never ends). There are always things in life that we need to take stock of and determine the areas we are running low and make arrangements to remedy it. Food for thought! 

What are some of the things that need restocking in your life?


Your friend in Song & Community, 



P.S. Stay tuned for the retail restock announcement coming very soon!



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