Live Streaming, Telehealth, Bandwidth, OH MY!

An Open Letter to COVID-19:

Hello Corona, 

When I considered filling my cup with goodness and opportunity this month, you’re not exactly what I had in mind. You have caused destruction. You have caused pain. You have caused lost opportunities while simultaneously creating new opportunities. You have forced me to think outside my box of comfort and forced me to adapt to this new climate. 

Although you have ordered us to keep a safe distance, I stand in solidarity with my community, my friends, my family, my music therapy colleagues near and far. You have taught us that distance and isolation are not synonymous with the word “ALONE.” We are not alone. You have reminded us of our resilience. You have encouraged us to take better care of ourselves. You have reminded us of the ripple effect our decisions and actions have on those around us.  When I think about you in this light… perhaps these are reminders we needed?  

On the other hand, you have undoubtedly caused a significant amount of distress and discomfort. You have changed plans and ruined special events. You have closed borders and claimed an uncomfortable amount of lives. It is painful to watch you in action. It is unsettling to live in a state of unknown. Not knowing how long you will last. Not knowing if you will continue to strengthen or if you will leave us alone. 

I suppose it’s not fair to put all that responsibility on you. We have clear instructions of what to do. They say you will not continue to run rampant if we wash our hands, keep a 6ft parameter, avoid contact with older adults, cover our sneezes and coughs, be truthful about our symptoms and travel plans, and do not attend large group events. 

I can do that! 

One of my favourite movies depicts characters on a journey to find courage, heart, wisdom, and home. It almost feels as though I’m living in a dream world. This is Oz. 

Music Therapy sessions have been transitioned to online platforms - tackling obstacles of live streaming, telehealth, bandwidth, OH MY! This is not a new concept to our field. However, it was something new to me and our Find Your Voice Music Therapy team. Because of you, COVID-19, we are going to be able to offer our clients accessibility, support, and consistency into the future. We will also be able to create new music and wellness opportunities for them. We might not have the courage of the Lion or the Wisdom of the Scarecrow at present - but we do have Heart & wherever we can create community is where we call HOME. 


Hayley Francis Cann

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