New Decade. New You?

Happy New Year friends! It’s January 2020! We have officially entered a new decade. I usually make the time during this annual change to reflect on all that has happened over the last year and set goals for myself in the New Year. This year I have seen a trend on social media whereby people are taking the time to reflect on the past decade. 

So much has changed for me in the past decade. In 2010, I was still a highschool student with a passion for the arts but an unclear vision of how I saw myself in the future. Personally, I was still trying to figure out my self-worth and how to love my body. Your teenage years can be a confusing time. Ten years later, I reflect and wish I knew just how beautiful, smart, and talented I was. I would also tell my friends the same….

  • Be kind to yourself. 
  • Don’t accept abuse as normal. 
  • Be your biggest cheerleader. 
  • It’s OKAY! You got this.
  • You don’t need to have it all figured out. 

You don’t need to have it all figured out…

I still remind myself of this in present day. When I think back to my journey over the last ten years, it was full of uncertainty and a lack of clarity. I am someone who likes to stay informed and have tangible plans and backup plans (and if I’m 100% honest, backup backup plans). For many people entering the realm of higher education and being faced with the question of… WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? This question is loaded with pressure and can feel like a binding commitment. Do I really want to study this in university? Do I really want to do this career for the rest of my life? How do I know I won’t get bored of it? Am I making the right decision here? In this time of uncertainty you may look for validation from your parents, teachers, friends, celebrities, the news, GOOGLE. 

God bless Google. If it wasn’t for google I probably wouldn’t be here right now. I had no clue that I could study to be a music therapist in university. I had no clue what a music therapist was prior to my excellent 2011 - 2012 google search abilities (and if I’m honest I still was unclear about the whole thing after reading a few definitions). Most of the music therapy friends and peers I know have been in a similar predicament. This is one of the driving factors behind the inspiration for my book: Mandy’s Mom, The Music Therapist (available now on and all online platforms where books are sold starting March 2020). 

I am grateful for the lessons of the past decade and I am interested to learn about your reflections this New Year. Feel free to leave a comment below about the lessons you have learned or sharing words of encouragement as we enter this New Year. 

I wish you love, success, community, and light throughout 2020 and the next decade!

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