One Replanted Bermudiana

The Bermudiana (Sisyrinchium bermudiana), Bermuda's national flower,  is a small member of the Iris Family. It has a distinctive purple flower with a bright yellow centre in the Spring. When it is not flowering, the plant appears as a cluster of bright green or greyish green, strap-like leaves. The Bermudiana is endemic to Bermuda and is widely dispersed and thriving.

The Bermudiana Flower (Image Description: Purple flower with yellow centre)

Just like the Bermudiana flower, moving home feels like the opportunities ahead of me are dispersed and have the potential to thrive. My first step, however, is to REST! 

In May, all over the world, we focus on mental health awareness and taking care of my own health and wellbeing was a big part of this decision to pack up and move. I've been working non-stop since the start of the pandemic. I've felt the weight of supporting my own livelihood in addition to supporting the livelihood of others. In times of stress, I typically turn to work to allow me a safe outlet to continue moving forward. However, constantly working and being isolated from loved ones forced me to re-evaluate my methods of self-care and my ability to continue in the same way I had been. 

I had the privilege of talking with Kim Best on her podcast "Not your average music therapist" (Episode Titled: The story continues). What I loved most about that conversation was the escape from the normal toxic positivity we see all over the internet. Sometimes we can't just "stay positive." Sometimes it's okay to acknowledge/feel the emotions that we are experiencing and allow them to pass through us. The pandemic taught me that feeling my emotions (rather than working them away) is a natural part of the ebb and flow in this ocean we call life. 

Now, I know this story is personal to me, but I also know that everybody has experienced overwhelm and grief (in some way) during this pandemic. 14-months into this thing... it's bound to take a huge toll on us! What are some things you are doing to take care of your health and wellbeing? 

For now, I'm enjoying time with my loved ones and listening to the sound of the ocean. 

Your friend in community, 


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  • Hayley, you appear to be happy being back in Bermuda, enjoying family and friends. Now as you look for new opportunities feel assured of the success that is out there for you.

    Lionel E. Cann

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