Music & Speech Bundle

Music & Speech Bundle

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 Online music bundles are an accessible way for youth to engage in meaningful and purposeful music activity. The online music programs are led by Hayley Francis Cann, a certified music therapist and neurologic music therapist. Hayley has experience working with children and young adults to meet their therapy goals. These programs are not music therapy programs. However, they were designed with therapeutic intention in mind. 

About the Music & Speech Bundle:

This bundle makes learning fun! It includes musical activities that target specific speech and language comprehension skills, encourage breath support and technique while singing. Hayley wrote exclusive songs specifically for this bundle including...

  • "HE-L-L-O, Hello"
  • "I stepped on a prickly pear"
  • "The Jungle Jam" 
  • "A Foody Tune"
  • "Spelling is Fun"
  • ...AND MORE!

What do you get in this bundle? This bundles includes an interactive video session with Hayley, a downloadable song sheet, and reusable mp3 song files. 

Here's a preview of the "The Jungle Jam" song included in this bundle: