AOP Workshop

Staying true to my core pillar of advocacy within MTA Hayley, I had a desire to move beyond the Anti-Oppressive Practice resource edited by myself and my dear friend Priya Shah.

This resource was always intended to be a starting point of reference and I want to provide even more opportunities for music therapists and creative arts therapy teams/faculties to grow and learn in this area. So... I have developed a workshop that includes:

  • A worksheet, 
  • A brief overview of our resource guide, 
  • A brief overview of language and terms around the topic of anti-oppressive practice, 
  • Useful tools/steps specifically relating to our work as therapists, and 
  • Lots of opportunity for constructive dialogue.

If you would like a hosted workshop for yourself and a few of your music therapy colleagues OR if you are part of a creative arts therapy team/faculty interested in this workshop you can contact me at