LOUD Program

Thank you for your interest in the LOUD program! 


I miss making music with other people and after seeing the social media uproar in our music therapy communities, I feel that a musical extension of my Anti-Oppressive practice workshop would add to our ability to process, continue learning, and move toward active change.


LOUD is an acronym for:

Learn & Lean In
Override Discomfort
Use your voice & Unify through song
Determine your call to action


As music therapists and music therapy allies, we know the power music holds in its ability to help process information and emotions. This program will help us to band together to work across difference and move forward with purpose and vision. 

So, Let's Get LOUD! In this program you will...

  • Get access to the LOUD Course & Workbook 
  • Join the 4 LIVE workshop series 
  • Make music with fellow therapists and caregivers
  • Continue learning about equity, diversity, and cultural humility, and
  • Determine your unique call to action

(There are limited spots available).


After sign-up and payment you will receive the course materials within 48 hours. You can begin your independent learning right away while you wait for the LIVE workshops.